Jennifer Fowler, A.I.A. grew up in Austin Texas, and is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin. She has a five year professional Architecture degree, and is licensed to practice architecture in the District of Columbia. Jennifer moved to Washington, D.C. in 1997. After working for other firms for seven years, she started her own practice in the summer of 2004. Since then she has worked on many projects in the District, predominately on Capitol Hill. She specializes in residential additions and renovations at all scales.

Mike Fowler, A.I.A. joined Fowler Architects in the beginning of 2008. After graduating with a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Texas in 1997 and moving to DC he worked at the architecture firms of Leo A Daly and then Esocoff & Associates. A desire to work on smaller scale projects with more design control led him to join Jennifer at Fowler Architects.

Casey Tilghman Smith moved to DC in 2008 after completing her Master of Architecture at Parsons School of Design. She joined Fowler Architects in 2009, which was a great fit considering her love of residential design and historic preservation. A desire to learn more about the historic preservation process led her to earn a Master of Arts in Historic Preservation in 2010 from Savannah College of Art and Design. Casey currently lives in Philadelphia, but visits DC weekly to stay involved in all the Capitol Hill projects. She enjoys working on the smaller scale and challenging projects that the DC rowhouses offer.


client comments

“We worked mostly with Mike, but both he and Jennifer work interchangeably on projects and they are both fabulous! They were easy to work with, fair in their pricing, and took our input very seriously. We got many versions of potential plans as they helped guide us through the renovation process. They were extremely patient and knowledgeable about not only architecture, but also on a wide range of other topics (different brands of fireplaces, for example). They were very creative in their suggestions and our finished product ended up far exceeding our expectations, largely due to their vision and creativity in getting us what we wanted within the limitations imposed by the city.

They went above and beyond when needed and provided additional advice on decorating, style for finishes, and other cosmetic details that certainly fell outside of their Scope of Work. We really had the feeling that they were partners in our project and were looking out for our best interests, which was welcomed and appreciated at every step.

They have connections in the city with the Historical Society and others, which proved very valuable in the permitting process. Mike knew a lot about the DC government rules and regulations and he was very helpful as well when we ran into some issues with the city. I cannot say enough good things about them and would use them again in a heartbeat!”

Jennifer worked with us recently to renovate our basement, first floor sunroom and back deck. Due to her, the renovation was a success! She listened to us to understand what we needed, made great suggestions that improved upon our original design, and saved us a lot of headache by knowing the mechanical aspects of plumbing and electrical systems (as well as the arcane DC permitting office). In addition, she helped mediate with the contractor when a few disputes (inevitably) occurred. We’re looking forward to using Jennifer again when we tackle our second floor (in a few years).”

Jennifer Fowler is amazing and a MoTH. I would definitely give her a call. She really knows the ins and outs of the DC codes and permit process. I’m not sure what kind of home improvements you need, but if you’re thinking of doing some re-modeling, you might want to go with architect and fellow neighbor Jennifer Fowler.”

Jennifer designed our basement and kitchen over the past year. I was intimidated about using an architect, but she is very reasonable priced and very easy to work with. When we moved here 2 1/2 years ago, I found that contractors would come out for estimates then I’d never hear from them again. It helps to have something down on paper for them to work with.”

1. I never got contractors to call back until I had a plan on paper; 2. She’s VERY affordable; 3. She is really into space and design and will work with you on finding hidden storage areas. She’s done a great job in helping us find a design that suits our needs; e.g., W/D moved from basement to 2nd floor, coat closet on main floor, organizational shelving for phone answering machine, etc., 4. She is VERY sensitive to renovating on a budget. Great at suggesting inexpensive alternatives that look good, too.”

We thought about doing an addition, but we could only get 5 feet based upon our footprint. A waiver was not worth the hassle for a few more inches. Jennifer was great, knows all the regulations, lives on the Hill and is a MoTH! “

We and many of our friends used fellow MoTH Jennifer Fowler. She is an architect, and she also designed the plans for our finished basement. She’s incredibly flexible and easy to work with. She keeps up on new and lesser priced materials. And, because she works and lives in this neighborhood, she gets the quirks of these older homes. Can’t say enough good things about her!”